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Committee Responsibilities:

Committees must meet when necessary. Committee meetings are informal unless committee members decide otherwise. Committee reports are to be made at stated meetings. The Master Councilor is an Ex officio member of all committees.

Chairman Responsibilities:

The chairman is the liaison from the committee to the Master Councilor. He is responsible to make sure meetings are held and they are convenient for as many members as possible and all members of a committee (including the Master Councilor) are aware when and where meetings are being held.

The Committees:


The duties of the membership commitee are to organize membership programs, arrange programs for prospective members, contact candidates concerning degrees, and attend to the orientation of new members.


Plans and coordinates all fund-raising projects.


Considers the income and financial obligations of the Chapter, examines the books of the Scribe and Treasurer and reports to the Advisory Council and Chapter at the next stated meeting.


Makes recommendations that cards of good wishes or flowers to be sent to all sick members or friends of the Chapter reported to the Scribe or in open Chapter as deemed appropriate.

Fun Events

Plans and coordinates all fun events.


Arranges entertainment for such events as meetings, dinners, dances, and public ceremonies. May be asked to head the planning of some social activities.


Organizes the Chapter athletic teams, encourages competition with the other Chapters as well as within the Chapter, and plans athletic events.

Obligatory Observances

Plans programs for the Chapter to observe all Obligatory Days.

Civic Service

Looks for ways for the Chapter to be of service to the community.

Masonic Service

Looks for ways for the Chapter to be of service to the sponsoring body & Masonic Community and invites the Masons to Chapter meetings and other functions.


Creates and carries out an effective means of keeping track of accomplishments of the members and the Chapter including "The Chapter of The Year Contest" and "The V.I.P. Program".

Communication (Phone)

Takes care of all necessary communication within the Chapter excluding the Chapter Newsletter.

Newsletter - The Champ

Is in charge of the format, editing, and distribution of the Chapter newsletter. As well as encouraging all members and advisors to contribute to it.

Web Page - Campbell Chapter Communication Center

Responsible for everything that pertains to this website.