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Campbell Chapter, Order of DeMolay,                                                                             September, 2000                                                                   Issue 122

This publication acknowledges allegiance and yields authority to DeMolay International of the Order of DeMolay, of which Frank S. Land was founder.

Table of Contents


The Bright Sun in the East2

From the West3

From the South. 3

Treasurer’s Article. 3

Scribe’s Corner. 4

Sweetheart’s Heart4

Comedy Sportz. 4

The Mystery Trip!4

1st Tuesday Meeting. 5


Campbell City Council Meeting. 6

The NorCal Annual Boat Dance. 6

Serving for Charity Jarman Lodge No. 362. 6

A New Beginning; Times of Trouble; Baby Kataryn; & Time for DeMolay!7

Notes from Robert W. Martin, C.O.H.7

Dad Pearson’s Article  “The Advisory Council Chairman’s News Flash”. 7

Chapter Dad. 8

Editor’s Message. 8




The Bright Sun in the East



Greetings fellow brethren,


Much has gone on since the last Champ was distributed and I’d like to take a few minutes to thank and congratulate a few people.  One month ago in July, the chapter was honored to have two very special guests come and give a wonderful presentation on patriotism.  They were the Worshipful Master of El Camino Research Lodge, Lou Orozco and Sergeant Milborne of the United States Marines.  Thanks to both of them.  The Lasagna Dinner in July was a huge success.  Great job Arthur for doing an outstanding job.  The chapter has also initiated 4 brothers in the last two months.  They are Daniel Mathias, Chris Lind, Jon Anderson, and Brandon Trevino.  Congratulations to each of you for joining the finest youth group in the world.  Everyone please be sure to introduce yourselves to these newest brothers.  I was extremely pleased to see a good show for the Campbell City Council Meeting on July 18th.  Thank you to Dad Milde for being the advisor that evening with such short notice.  Also to the members who were able to make it to the Charity Jarman serving thank you for coming.


Our last prospect party was the Comedy Sportz event, and although we did not have any prospects, the brothers who were able to make it enjoyed a very good show.  Thank you to Stacy, Chris, Nick, and Dad Taylor for coming that evening.  Volleyball was also another event that did not go as everybody had planned; however, our chapter did have 10 members present; a good showing for any event.  We did not win, but the chapter was there and gave its all.  Thanks to brother Turnage who showed a vast amount of interest in making it to the tournament.  Eric took the city bus to Santa Cruz to make sure he would keep to his promise that he would make the volleyball tournament.  Everybody who was there was glad to see him make it.  Good luck to Eric for the next term, as he will be the chapter’s next Junior Councilor, as well as to the other brothers going in as councilors.


The one dance this term occurred on August 5th and turned out to be very successful.  We only had a few problems, but they were easily solved.  I even danced, and as most of the chapter knows, that is very rare for me.  I did have a good time, and I even got to dance with a very beautiful woman that night.  Thanks to Chris for setting up that evening.


Congratulations to Dad Milde for being the newest recipient of the Legion of Honor, and to the members who were able to make it to his investiture.  Also congratulations to Dad Jeff Milde for his honor of the Cross of Honor.  Thank you both for dedicating so much of your time to the chapter.


The Oakland A’s game unfortunately did not occur.  However, my brother and I already had seats and we did go.  It really was a shame to hear that many of the members of the chapter did not want to go.  The game had over 47,000 people in attendance and a fireworks show was given afterwards.  The game was between the New York Yankees and the Oakland A’s; two teams that are highly competitive for going into the playoffs.  The fireworks afterwards lasted approximately 45 minutes and any and everybody who was present was able to go onto the field and watch the show.  Perhaps the chapter will go again in the future.  For those of you who wanted to know what the score was, it was A’s 8, Yankees 1.  Thank you to the members who made it to the Jerry Lewis Telethon.  Everyone who went enjoyed a great time and got the satisfaction of helping a great cause.  Thanks to the members and ladies who went to the mystery trip.  It was the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Show.  It was a great show and the seats had an excellent view for the acts.  Thank you to Chris for setting up the preparations for that trip.


Lastly, as I write to everyone for the last time as Master Councilor, I’d like to thank some people in particular who have really helped make this term a success.  First, my thanks go to Chris and Nick for being the Treasurer and Scribe.  It was very important that the both of them run those offices efficiently and Chris and Nick did just that.  A big thanks go to the advisors of the chapter.  Without you, DeMolay would not exist, and I thank each of you for being a part of this term.  Thank you to the members who attended the activities that I put on the calendar this term.  I tried to put together a term with some new events and ideas, and although a few did not go as I had hoped; the chapter still put out another successful term.  A huge thanks got to the 4 lodges that helped the chapter got to the Mid-Atlantic Ritual Tournament.  Finally, thank you to Stacy Affleck, our Sweetheart.  She did an outstanding job as our Sweetheart this term.  I also thank Stacy for a special reason that only a few know about and I will leave it at that.  Once again, thank you Stacy.


In closing, good luck to the new councilors, and I’m glad to have had the honor and opportunity to serve Campbell Chapter as its Master Councilor.




Jason A. Martin, Master Councilor of Campbell Chapter Order of DeMolay

March 17, 2000 - September 15, 2000





From the West



Well, this is it, my last article as the Senior Councilor.  That’s right!  I’m never writing to you as the Senior Councilor again.  I am incredibly proud of all the accomplishments this chapter had made this term.  I could not have done anything without the support of all of you.  I hope for your continued dedication to the chapter as we move into the next term, having myself as your next master councilor.  As long as you support me, than this chapter will succeed and Campbell will thrive.  Once again, thank you for everything each of you has done to help me with my endeavors as the Senior Councilor.



Your Master Councilor Elect,

Arthur Cardoza





From the South



Alooooha!  Howdy!  Howdy!  Howdy!  Wussup my homees?  As the term comes to a close, I can only say one thing; Woo, it’s been a good one.


I look back with fondness on the term.  Those of you who didn’t go to DeMolay Leadership Camp missed one heck of a time.  We really rocked everyone’s world at the softball tournament (just remember to tell those people I’m not a crazy skater).  And we’ve done plenty of dancing like freaks.


We still have the Mid-Atlantic tournament to look forward to.  And then there’s a whole new term ahead to make big.  I think I’m going to enjoy sitting a step higher.  And we have some bright new members who have everything ahead of them.


We also only have a short time before Arthur begins his second reign…er, term, and as it approaches, lets make this one be remembered.  It’s been really fun.



Your Brother in the South,

Parker Downey





Treasurer’s Article



Hey guys, well from a financial standpoint we're looking really good.  We're way into the black and going strong.  I bet though that we could double our checking account balance with the Art Auction.  Anyway, enough money matters.  Well as far as the term has gone I think we've done pretty well.  Lots of attendance at the meetings, and there has been a good presence at the other events too.  It looks as though most of the guys are fitting in one way or another.  I've heard people have had lots of fun at the events planned, which is great.  I do hope for the next term more members will participate in being committee chairmen.  For those of you who are interested, the division is running well.  We have the degrees day on Saturday the 26th of August, as well as a couple other events in the future.  I encourage all members to travel and meet others because you can develop many friendships from all around the area.  Like I've offered before and the offer stands; if any of you are ever interested in traveling let me know, because most likely I'll already be going.  Other than that, I'll just list up coming events I know I'll be going to if any of you are interested in attending.



Chris' Schedule



Chevalier Investiture for Joe Miller, Castro Valley, Sat Sept 9th 7:30PM

Installation Campbell Chapter, Fri Sep 15th

Art Auction, Castillero Middle School, Sept 23rd 8:00 PM

San Juan Chapter Installation, Roseville Fri Sept 29th, 7:30 PM

Los Molinos Chapter Installation, Red Bluff Sat Sept 30th 7:30PM


Anyway, any other questions of more information let me know.


Worlds Best M.I.



Christopher Rogers





Scribe’s Corner



For the first time I am writing to you from the Scribe’s Desk.  I will be writing periodically, hopefully every month, about chapter progress and statistics.


Financially, we have increased our net worth by 92.3% over the last year.  Even though we have had one fund raising event and a couple servings, our budget for the this term is in the positive because we have not spent as much as we had planned.


Membership wise, we have dropped down from 72 to 65 total members over the last year.  This term we have a total of five new members including Daniel Hoshizaki, Nicholas Goray, Daniel Mathias and his two brothers who are already in DeMolay from Brazil, Bruno and Paulo.


Well, that is all for now.



Fraternally Yours,

Nicholas Schilling





Sweetheart’s Heart



Well guys I have been doing a lot lately.  I have just returned from Sweetheart Leadership Camp.  Where we ended up staying at the same camp with the guys due to the condition of our campsite.  We had many fun filled days.  Including a day at Pinecrest with the guys.  I look forward to working with the chapter and sharing the ideas that I learned.  While I was there I was able to see both Arthur and Parker.


I would like to thank each of you who were able to help support me to go to camp this year.  I was able to learn a lot about the Sweetheart’s role in DeMolay and I hope to someday get the opportunity to prove it to you.  I thank everyone again, and I will see you at the next activity.  For those of you who are going to the Mid-Atlantic Ritual Tournament, do a good job and enjoy Washington D.C. and the Baltimore area.



Yours truly,

Stacy Affleck, Campbell Chapter Sweetheart





Comedy Sportz


The Prospect Party to Comedy Sportz wasn’t exactly a prospect party because there were no prospects in attendance.  Although, Dad Taylor, Chris Rogers, Stacey Affleck, and I went so it turned into a Fun Event.  If your wondering where the Master Councilor was well we’ll just say he showed up late.


I have never been to this place and I don’t think anyone that went this time has.  If you have never been there I’ll tell you what is all about.  There are two teams, a designated jokester, and a referee.  The whole game has six rounds each consisting of a different game with a halftime after three rounds.  In these games the people make jokes and act funny using suggestions from the audience.  There have been some suggestions that people used too much and they put them up on the wall on jerseys.  They were retired.  And if an audience member made one of those suggestions we shouted at them and reminded them that it was on the wall.  Some of the suggestions were Jell-O and...that is the only one I can remember.


Well as far as prospect parties go we need to do better.  Otherwise it was a good event.


Nicholas Schilling





The Mystery Trip!



On 8/27/00 at 1:45pm Campbell Chapter had its Mystery Trip.  The DeMolays in attendance were: Jason Martin, Arthur Cardoza, Parker Downey, Steve Cline, Chris Rogers, Nick Schilling, Bruno Mathias, Daniel Mathias, myself Paulo Mathias, two advisors, Dad Taylor and Dad Downey, and two girls, Stacy Affleck our Sweetheart and Julie Carlton, the Senior Princess of Bethel 292.  We first took the light rail to go to downtown San Jose and walked about 5 blocks before we finally knew what the event was.  Upon our arrival, all of us saw that it was at the San Jose Arena where the presentation of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Show also know as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth' was being held.  The circus began with the national anthem and after that with the presentation of the clowns, followed by the trapeze, the elephants, horses, tightrope walkers, and all of the others little skits in between the big acts.  There were a lot of light effects also added to give an outstanding presentation by the actors.  So many of the guys liked the show that they had to get a souvenir of the memory of the event.  Some of the items that were bought were a plastic sword, a tiger mug, and a stuffed animal of an elephant.  Eric got crazy when Arthur broke his mug, but he went down the street anyway kidding with the people about the mug as he it was talking, it was really funny.  All the DeMolays, dads, and girls had a lot of fun and the show was great.  After that, we met outside of the stadium and took the light rail back to the Temple, marking the end of the trip.




Bruno Mathias





1st Tuesday Meeting



Well, on August 1st marked the first official Tuesday meeting in Campbell Chapter history.  At this historic event fifteen members and five of six advisory council members were present.  Business was done as usual and nominations were opened.  Arthur Cardoza was nominated as Master Councilor, Parker Downey as Senior Councilor, and Eric Turnage as Junior Councilor.  Nominations were left open for anyone who wanted to run for a councilor's office and get approval at the next advisory council meeting.  Other guests were in attendance to make this a remarkable night.  In final the meeting closed in orderly fashion so that the chapter could have the Art Auction meeting afterwards.  The Art Auction, September 23, 2000 at Castalero Middle School will be the final event of the old term and the new breath of the next term.  I hope everyone will be able to make it because our finances are at stake.  Until otherwise stated we will have continue to hold our meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.



Chris Rogers








Hello my brothers of Campbell Chapter.  As you might not know this was the last Softball Tournament for five brothers in our Chapter.  There were four of us there, me-Justin, Dave, Nick and Chris.  Jason was the other member, but was not able to play do to an injury a week before the tournament.  So what could you ask for playing in your last DeMolay softball tournament...TO WIN THE WHOLE THING!  You'll find out how we did right now.


PERFECT!!!  That's what we were this year at the Northern California DeMolay Softball Tournament.  It couldn't have been any better; okay maybe winning the final game 30-0 would be better.  But what we did this year was just as good.  Well if the new members couldn't tell, Campbell won the Softball Tournament.  Here are the details on our perfect day.


We left the temple at 7:15 am with only six brothers/players, so needless to say I thought we were not going or we would have to borrow a few players.  My car all of a sudden overheated right when I got to the hill, so I rode in Dave Henneman's van.  I found out right before we left that Chris and Keenan would meet us at the softball fields.  So I felt a little better.  It took a little over an hour to get there.  We all changed into our uniforms and met Chris and Keenan with big smiles.  We now had enough to play in the tournament, eight players that's it.  We started the players/coaches meeting and heard the rules for the tournament.  Dad Downey stumped the Nor-Cal officers when the time came to ask questions.  He asked them "What about ties?”  And a blank "Dah" came out; they didn't know what to do.  So Dad Downey explained what would happen if that situation would arise and that was settled.  After that we heard what field we're playing on and the team were playing, which was Stockton Chapter.  We got together fast, stretched, and warmed up.  We kept our same lineup and plan throughout the tournament.  We had our eight players, and everyone else had nine or ten players, so we would have to play smart and have great defense.  We played Stockton really good.  We all hit and our defense was great.  We won the game.  Much better from last year’s first game.  Our next game moved onto a different field that had an extremely rock hard infield dirt.  The next team we played was R.E.D., which stands for Redwood Empire Division.  Scott Peters was playing for them, since Pleasanton didn't come this year.  Arthur was having a little too much fun against Scott.  This was our closest game.  We all kind of got into a slump; until Rookie Parker woke us all up by hitting the game winning two run double.  We won the game 6-4 and moved on to face our next opponent.  We then had our pictures taken by Nor-Cal. Our next team we faced was Castro Valley.  We rested for about 15-20 minutes before the game.  A couple of Castro Valley players came over to our dugout and started talking about there games and how well they did, and Joe hitting five home runs already.  I guess they were trying to scare us, but that didn't work.  They had a full team with four outfielders and reserves for later innings.  And we had our eight players.  So this game would be a tough one for us to win.  Casto Valley has a really good team.  We had decided to change our fielders for this game just a bit.  Keenan who was playing second base was moved into right field to help Dave and Nick who were playing left and center.  So that way we now have three outfielders.  Arthur moved more toward second and would still play first.  Chris played shortstop, and I (Justin) played third base.  Oh, and I can't forget our masterful pitcher Matt, and catcher Parker.  We had to play paper-rock-scissors to decide who would pick for home or visitors.  They took visitors, so they batted first.  They jumped out to a quick lead 3-0.  Then we didn't allow too much after that.  We came up to bat and got all the runs back and more, and we didn't trail again after that.  They got close to us until Dave hit a home run to seal the victory.  We beat them on the time rule 10-6 I believe.  Although Chris was making it a little to obvious that we were wasting time when a ball was hit right at him and he threw the ball out to the outfield.  We played smarter, waiting for our good pitches to swing at.  And they threw a lot of balls, courtesy of Joe.  We also had extremely great defense.  Most of all that I liked about that game besides beating Castro Valley was our sportsmanship.  We were perfect DeMolays throughout the tournament having fun, and if we don't win we were still having fun trying.  I won't go into to much detail on how Castro Valley was.  They were very upset with us, as probably everyone else was, as someone told that to me.  All I'm going to say is that you had to be there to see it.  Anyway, we won the game and were going to be in the Championship game, and assured at least first or second.  This is much better than last year’s result of finishing third.  We then had a rest for a couple of hours.  Some members went to participate in the home run derby, and the others went to go get lunch.  My knee popped out of place in our first game against Castro Valley, so I didn't participate in the home run derby.  So I took it easy for a while.  Yup, you guess it; we would have to play Castro Valley again to win the tournament.  After lunch and a bit of rest, we watched Castro Valley beat R.E.D. to advance to the Championship series to face us again.  We were hoping to play R.E.D., but it wasn't meant to be for them this year.  Besides it is the classic rival for Campbell to play Castro Valley in these last few years.  So after we stretched and warmed up again to play the Championship game, I had a team meeting to talk to our guys and give them some pointers and a pep talk.  The Championship game lasts six innings no matter what, unless the team with 15 or more runs is ahead in the bottom of the inning.  Castro Valley won the paper-rock-scissors again and chose home this time.  So we batted first this time.  They continued to throw balls, and the strikes they did throw we hit hard.  We jumped on them for a sixteen to four lead, almost winning by the slaughter rule.  Castro Valley kept saying that we weren't hitting the ball.  Just as they were saying that I hit two homers and Dave walloped one for a grand slam (so generous of them to load the bases for him with walks).  As you were saying....?  My home runs were great insurance runs for us as they had a comeback (they didn't make it to the Championships by not having comebacks).  It was a great feeling as we hit the home runs.  We all jumped, hugged, and started to get a little too excited.  Castro Valley hit no home runs against us while we hit four against them.  We also had key hits or walks from every player except Arthur who went 0-1 with four walks (at least we walked) just kidding Arthur.  The walks helped us greatly though.  We were pumped and ready to take that trophy home, but as I said Castro had some fight in them yet.  They battled back to a 16-10 game.  That was the 5th inning and BOY what an inning it was.  Besides having Castro have a mini comeback there were two meetings behind the fence to discuss the "ten run inning" rule.  And then there was my little problem.  There was a flat roller hit on the ground to me at third my backhand side, and as I go to backhand it, it hits a rough spot in the dirt and bounces straight up into my face.  I still fielded the ball to first base.  My nose was bleeding profusely, so I took a time out in the dugout to wipe off my face.  Everyone kept asking, "Are you okay?” but it looked worse than it really was.  My face still hurts, though.  I ran back onto the field after cleaning up, because I knew I'd have to stay out there and help my team or else we would have to forfeit the game.  I wasn't going to allow that, because that would mean playing another game.  So I had blood in my nose and mouth the rest of the game.  I finally got a cold pack on it at the end of the inning (thanks to Dave’s mom Nurse Mrs. Henneman).  We were getting more excited about winning as it got closer to the end of the game, and our defense tightened and we didn't let them come back.  The score was 20-13, and finally we completed the game with it not being a timed game, or a slaughter rule but a full six-inning game that took two and half-hours to complete.  We beat Castro Valley twice in the same day with only eight players.  The last out was a line drive right at Chris.  We all raised our arms in triumph, and gathered at the mound to hug and congratulate and celebrate with everyone.  We shook Castro Valley's hands and headed to our dugout.  We were PERFECT!  A Perfect 4-0 record this year.  Then the Nor-Cal officers announced they were going to start the awards ceremony.  R.E.D. went and got their third place trophy, and then Castro Valley went to go get their second place trophy.  I had all the last timers go up together to go get our trophy.  We raised it as we came back to our teammates and fans.  We couldn't have done it without them all.  And certainly we couldn't have done it without our coaches Dad Downey, Dad Jeff Milde, and our fans that came out to cheer for us.  Thank you everyone for supporting us.  It was a wondrous moment for us and the rookies on our team.  This will probably be remembered for a long time to come.  We then had our pictures taken with our first place trophy.  Then we gathered everything up and went out to celebrate at the local pizza parlor that we couldn't find right away.  We had lots of pizza and soda.  We then went home celebrating happily listening to "We are the Champions" (in Jeff's car).  I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making this year’s softball tournament a great one.  The old timers really appreciated it, and when you new guys get to that point of, this is your last tournament, you want more than anything to win it all.  Thank you guys for making it to practices and meetings, and sorry Dad Downey for bothering you at work trying to figure out how to get another player.  Now for next year, keep the tradition going and defend our title.  Remember now that you have a lot of new coaches to help.  So as I stood standing alone, looking out at an empty field, I said to myself “I and the rest of the last timers will never be able to play in another DeMolay softball tournament again”.  And then I said to myself "What a way to go out"...WINNING!  I walked off the field proud and happy as ever for the last time.




Justin A Martin-P.M.C.

-Sports Fanatic

-Married Man/Proud Father





Campbell City Council Meeting



At 7:30pm on July 18, 2000, Jason Martin, Parker Downey, Nick Schilling, Bruno Mathias, Daniel Mathias, Dad Milde and myself attended the Campbell city council meeting in observation of our obligatory day, ‘My Government Day’.


The first topic discussed was how to utilize a government grant.  One representative suggested to use the money for the BART expansion from San Francisco to San Jose, therefore decreasing the number of cars during rush hour, and helping the people arrive to their jobs much faster.  The representative said that this year is better for this type of expansion because there are elections.  This would make the money much more accessible from the government since the governor had made a previous commitment that some money would be going towards future transportation.  Another representative did not agree, saying that it was not necessary for this expansion for this project and was also too expensive, but rather said to use the money for other activities and projects.  Following afterwards, a woman spoke to the council and gave her thanks to the council for the grant that was applied in the city.


The next topic that was presented was by a woman who brought to the council’s attention about a continuing problem with her condominium’s parking and the doctor’s clinic next to the condos.  The condominium and the clinic are side by side and there is not enough parking the two of them, and the clinic’s patients would end up using all of the parking spaces available, creating havoc for all of the residents of the condominium.  The lady said that many efforts were made to make some arrangement, but each time the clinic would send a representative instead.  This matter was discussed among the council members and they decided to look into the situation and continue the matter at the next meeting.


There being no further new or unfinished business, the council decided to close and go home.  This was very interesting to see, since the meeting was run very similar to that of our meetings.  Perhaps we will go again in the future.  I know I would like to go again, it would help me to better understand how a meeting runs smoothly with little difficulties, and to the get the opportunity to listen to the issues of our city, of which can be very intriguing at times.



Until then,


Yours Fraternally,

Paulo Mathias





The NorCal Annual Boat Dance



The annual Boat Dance, sponsored by DeMolay, took place this last Saturday, August 27 at 12:00am.  The boat dance has proven to be very successful over the past several years so, many DeMolays, sweethearts, Job's Daughter, Masons and guests were there to take part of this great and fun event.  All the passengers embarked at 11:55pm and the boat left the port at 12:15am towards the ocean.  Inside the boat the party began with all the people dancing, talking and even those who did not like to dance enjoyed the party with an amazing landscape from the San Francisco Bay.  Sometimes the dance floor was crowded, but everyone was able to dance at any given time, and it was a lot of fun for those who took part in it.  All kinds of music were played in order for everyone to dance and enjoy a beautiful night.  The boat passed under the Oakland Bay Bridge, passed by the Island of Alcatraz, and then turned around to go back towards the port.  The party ended a little later then 3:00am, but no one seemed to mind.  As the last song ended and the boat docked, everyone realized a wonderful evening had come to an end.




Paulo Mathias




For those of you who did not go to the Boat Dance in August you missed a great time.  The beautiful lady who was my date for the evening was Julie C.  The two of us enjoyed a lovely time on a boat that traveled across the bay, went under the Oakland Bay Bridge, and passed the island of Alcatraz.  Julie was my first date ever, and I really enjoyed the time we spent.  She also was able to make me dance!  How good i danced does not matter though.  Thank you Julie for a wonderful time.



Jason Martin, MC





Serving for Charity Jarman Lodge No. 362



On Wednesday July 26th, Jason Martin, Justin Martin, Chris Rogers, Nick Schilling, Parker Downey, Paulo Mathias, Bruno Mathias, and Daniel Mathias and I, Matt Milde went to the Charity Jarman Lodge dinner.  We served many people spaghetti, breadsticks, salad, and ice cream.  We ate some of their food that they had out and it was really good.  They really appreciated all of our support and help so they invited us next time to serve for them.  Towards the end of the evening they talked about current and upcoming events with emphasis on the Halloween party and the races at Laguna Seca.  When they were all done we put away the tables and chairs and picked up all of the trash.  Everyone who went had a good time and I am glad that we were asked come back again next month.








A New Beginning; Times of Trouble; Baby Kataryn; & Time for DeMolay!



Hello Campbell DeMolay Brothers.  Sorry I haven’t been around the last two months.  I’ve been quite busy at home.  For you new members in the chapter I’m the Master Councilor’s brother, Justin.  Well if you’re all wondering why I was gone, here is the reason why.  First, my wife and I had a baby girl on May 18th, 2000 at 10:38pm at Santa Clara Kaiser Hospital.  We named her Kataryn Alexa Martin, and she weighed 9lbs 4oz and was 19.5 inches long.  So I’m a new Dad!  I celebrated fathers’ day for me for the first time this year.  Tricia (my beloved wife) and I were both happy to have our little baby and finally have an end to a long and hard pregnancy.  Everything went well for the next week, except me working and getting no sleep.  All the advisors can probably remember those days huh?  Unfortunately, after that week, Tricia came to me with a lot of pain and we immediately went to the hospital.  It turned out that Tricia had some more difficulties and would have to go into surgery again.  However, Tricia had been on a special diet and would not be able to go into surgery until the doctors would give the o.k.  Nine weeks passed and still there were no results from the doctors, but to make things worse, more problems arose during those nine weeks and action had to be taken.  This was very difficult for me as I have my beautiful new child to love and take care of, while my lovely wife was ill.  Very disturbing to want to go to any DeMolay activities while so many problems were arising.  It turns out that the problem Tricia was having happened to be worse than expected and went straight into surgery the day we finally went to the doctor.  On the other hand she is healing and things are starting to look a little better now.  After the first surgery, she got the approval to have the second surgery procedure to go through.  That would be two surgeries in a row.  These were not the best times for me to leave my wife and come to any activity, DeMolay or not.  Now you might understand where it is that I was coming from when I was unable to make it to an activity.

At the present day, things are looking much better.  Kataryn is now sleeping all through the night; thank you!  I’m also no longer working two jobs with 80+ hours a week.  Since times are not nearly as hard as before I will try to make more of the chapter events, and maybe in the near future, I’ll bring little Kataryn along so everyone may see her.  I plan at being at the Mid-Atlantic Ritual Tournament and the Softball Tournament of course.  I also plan on putting together a prospect party to help with the membership sometime in the near future.  We would be going to an Oakland A’s game vs. the Chicago White Sox (The best team in all of baseball right now.), so bring your friends.  I have already reserved some tickets, and I will be speaking more on this subject during the meetings.

For the time being now, I have provided a picture of my adorable baby girl, and I will see everyone at the meetings and the practices.



Fraternally yours,

The new Martin Family:  Justin, Tricia, & Kataryn





Notes from Robert W. Martin, C.O.H.



A many of you know, the 1st Monday of every September is a holiday called “Labor Day”.  It celebrates the working men and women of America, and the contributions which they had made to make our country great.  The word “labor” meant something different at the beginning of the 20th Century, when the labor force was predominantly male only.  The 8-hour workday was not yet thought about.  Ten-hour workdays, six days a week was the norm, and to work 12 hours a day was very common.  The work was often very physical, and there were no protections from injuries sustained while working.  Often young children, under age 12, were employed in cramped, crowded, hot working conditions.  The term “sweat shop” came out of the period.


Today, over 55 percent of all the workers employed in America are “white collar”.  Their labor is more mental, then physical.  But we still honor all working people, past and present, on Labor Day.


DeMolay is a volunteer organization.  Labor is required to make DeMolay successful.  Volunteer labor is still work even though you are not getting paid for it.


In DeMolay, labor comes in many ways from he members, who work at fund raising, or work to put out the “Champ” or work to learn ritual to put on a degree.  Labor also comes from being a “team player”.  That means you are there for your brethren - your chapter, even when you are tired, or it may be inconvenient.  There are always plenty of other  “fun” things to be doing, even if it is just reading a book or watching a baseball game on TV, but being part of a chapter means sacrifice.  But it does not mean it shouldn’t be fun!  Helping your brethren, means helping recruit new members (it is NOT just the Junior Councilor’s job - it is everybody’s).  It means helping in the fund raisers, and it means appreciating the adults who sacrifice to help run your chapter.


Just as Labor Day celebrates the work of Americans who created the wealthy and prosperous country we are now living in , so should each DeMolay celebrate the labors of those DeMolays who served  in previous years, and the adults who assisted and advised DeMolays.  Every boy who has ever become a DeMolay can trace his membership through boys who “sponsored” him back to the original 11 DeMolays.  Now, it remains to you to pass this rich heritage, traditions, and fraternity on to the next generation of DeMolays.  You do that by bringing in new members!  That way, the labor you put in today Happy Labor Day.




Robert W. Martin P.M., Master Los Altos Lodge No. 712, C.O.H.





Dad Pearson’s Article  “The Advisory Council Chairman’s News Flash”



The unexplainable phenomenon or brilliant work of art?


Mysterious image of the body of a crucified man is believed by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus.  SHROUD IN TURIN


This cloth which carries a tangible evidence that rose from the dead:

The blood marks on the shroud were caused when the burial cloth came in contact with blood on a crucified body.

The body image, which is distinct from the blood marks, is not a painting, and in spite of many attempts for over 100 years it has never been reproduced; it is unique in the world.

In contrast to the long held perception that the body image is that of a man lying in burial is the stunning discovery that the body image is actually that of upright man who is lifted up in midair.

The upright man seen on the shroud corresponds precisely to the works of the gospel predicting that Jesus would be lifted up above the earth in resurrection.


The piece of linen about 14 feet long and 4 feet wide has inspired worship and argument because of the faint, brownish image of a crucified man whose wounds seem to correspond to the Biblical accounts of Jesus’ death.


The 1988 carbon-dating tests that placed the shrouds creation between 1260 and 1390 are probably inaccurate, and should be redone, due to chemically different from other sections of the shroud.

Another reason the shroud predates the Middle Ages is the tests conducted on pollen spores and faint floral images from the shroud.  These tests show that the spores come from flowers that bloom exclusively in the area around Jerusalem.


The Roman Catholic Church has never officially closed the book on the shroud’s authenticity.


Exhibition of the Shroud will be in Turin, Italy on August 12, 2000, for 10 weeks.  It is unlikely to be repeated form many years to come.



Advisory Council Chairman Gil “Dad” Pearson





Chapter Dad



How could a chapter with a team of 8 players, only two of which could be considered real good hitters, win the NorCal Softball Tournament?


Did they cheat?  No way!  They played by the rules and even argued when the official scorekeeper showed that they had made one more run than they knew they had.


Did they intimidate the other team with taunts and "trash talk"?  That's not the way DeMolays should act.  Even when members of other teams tried to "trash talk" them, they did not respond in the same manner.


Did they play smart?  You bet they did.  They knew their strengths (pitching and pretty good fielding), assessed their opponent's strengths and weaknesses and set their strategy in accordance with the situation.  The team properly "backed-up" plays and, with a few exceptions, didn't take wild fielding chances which inevitably, in softball, leads to multiple errors.


Was there anything wrong with what they did, that is, taking a lot of walks?  Not really.  If the fans were looking for a game with continuous action, they didn't get it.  Those who expected the most "athletic" looking team to win were disappointed.  If NorCal specifically wants to assure more "action", then rules can be set accordingly.  For example, each batter can start with a "one and one" count, or the "strike zone" could be officially widened, or each team could pitch to themselves (with appropriate rule changes.)  To stop pure power teams from dominating, deep hits could be called "foul" or "limited-flight" balls used.

But in the end, did the best team win?  Yes.




"Dad" Taylor





Editor’s Message



So many articles came in for this Champ that I actually got overloaded!  Thank you to everybody who submitted an article to me.  It really feels good to put out the Champ.  I would also like to thank those of you who provided me with a picture for the Champ.


A few problems have occurred this term though.  First of all, for future Champs that are going to be distributed, people are going to have to live up to what they are promising.  This means that when a deadline is given for an article to be submitted, I the editor would like to have it by then.  There were to many times in the last month that I had to go beyond what was expected in order to get an article.  Everyone should be proud to have their article in the Champ; this newsletter is our link to the other organizations that coexist with us.  We also give it to Nor-Cal for the annual review and honor the best publication/newsletter, of which our chapter has won a few.  So, in the future, articles should be written shortly after the event and soon after turned over to the Champ editor(s).


Regardless, the Champ looks great and I am glad to have the opportunity to work on it for the chapter.



Jason Martin

MC Campbell Chapter, Order of DeMolay

& Champ Editor



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