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Campbell Chapter, Order of DeMolay                                                                           May, 2000                                                                                           Issue 120

This publication acknowledges allegiance and yields authority to DeMolay International of the Order of DeMolay, of which Frank S. Land was founder.


Table of Contents


From The East1

From The West2

From The South. 2


Campbell Chapter Goes Camping. 2

Devotional Day. 3

Japan & DeMolay!3

Frank Marshall Championship Tournament4

Campbell Chapter Has Its First Model Seder Serving!4

San Francisco Trip. 4




From The East



All right guys, my first article as the Master Councilor and I have plenty to write about.  First, a well job done goes to Matt Milde for having an excellent term.


I thought that our devotional day went great and that those of you who had missed it Iím sorry you could not attend.  I would like to especially thank Kyle Kot and Chris Rogers for helping out with the serving we had for our sponsoring body.  It allowed us to qualify for the virtue of Courtesy for DeMolay month, plus it also gave us the opportunity to help out our sponsoring body.  Thank you for coming.


We did a great job at New Orleans, even though we did not win as many first places as we had hoped we would.  Just keep in mind that the New Orleans Tournament is a National Tournament and that our Chapter took many 2nd and 3rd places.  In perspective, thatís extremely well done, being the fact that we were 2nd or 3rd in the entire COUNTRY!  Congratulations to those of you who did win medals.  Just remember that many boys from others Chapters or entire Chapters did not come home with any 1st places.


I also went down to the Frank Marshall Championship Tournament held in Arlington, Texas.  The setup was very similar to that of the Old South Tournament.  However, they do not seem to be as nearly as competitive as the Old South Tournament was.  The winning Chapter Proficiency score was 792.5, the winning Chapter Initiatory Degree score was 740, and the winning Chapter DeMolay Degree score was 895.  Our Chapter could have taken a few competitions if we had gone as a team, but we did not.  However, I did take a few best parts and they were: Best Master Councilor Chapter Initiatory with a score of 992.5, Best Orator with a score of 1000, and finally a small part of just a single preceptor, the 6th Preceptor with a score of 996.  After competition, everyone went to Six Flags Over Texas across the street.  It was a very successful and fun trip and maybe the Chapter might want to go to it some year.


The Chapter also went to San Francisco for a fun trip and that went off very well.  It would have been nice to see a better attendance of guys going to it though.


Lets also keep in mind that the Chapter did not go to the Basketball Tournament.  Well, what happened?  You guys did stand up at the meeting and said that you wanted to go, or that you would at least be able to make the first day, which would be representing the Chapter at the Tournament.  Iím just sorry to those of you who were interested in going, showed up for the practice, and ended up not being able to go.


Lets not forget we still have many events to go to and they are on their way.  P.R.I.D.E. is only a few weeks away, so lets start practicing and go show Nor Cal what we can do in ritual, as we did for our regional tournament AKA Pac-West.  We have a Degrees Day coming up, a visit to the Shrine Hospital, and a visitation to San Jose Chapter.


Finally guys, lets all try using our phone list a little more frequently.  Call some of the other members and tell them that we are having a meeting.  Call someone and remind him that in a few days is an event that they were interested in going to.  I strongly believe that communication is what everyone should be involved in accomplishing.  We have 2 weeks between meetings.  Thatís 14 days to have events occur, 14 days to completely forget about DeMolay.  Well, we donít have to forget about it if we can talk to the others every couple of days.  Questions come up.  Sometimes plans are changed, and itís nice to know about them being changed.  Or if someone could not make it to a meeting, call him and let him know whatís happening.  These are your brothers.  These are your friends.  Letting one or two guys who didnít make it to an event and letting him or them know about whatís going on makes a lot of difference.  Now the next meeting is in two weeks.  Is there anyone you might want to talk to and let him know whatís going on?  Try it sometime.  It does work and it makes you feel good that you were a part in making your friend know about something, and having him come to an event with you.  I am also using the communication of sending e-mails.  So check your e-mails from time to time to see whatís coming up.  Iíll see at the next event.




Jason Martin MC Ė AKA The One & Only Ritual God





From The West





Arthur Cardoza

Junior Councilor





From The South



Aloooha!  Howdy, howdy, howdy!  Howís it going my brothers?  From here, the term is looking up.  Well we should enjoy Jasonís term while we can, and I think we will, being the fact that we still have many more fun events coming up.  Of few of them being the Las Vegas Trip, the River Rafting Trip, and the Campout Trip at my fatherís cabin. 


The fact that my best buddy, whom I have been trying to initiate since I joined, has finally agreed to receive his degrees when Iím Junior Councilor is a good sign.  I donít care how many members you hope to have by the end of this term, but aim for a bunch.  The more prospects, the more candidates, the better for us. 


Itís not every term we go to Comedy Sportz, have a slave sale, go to Laser Quest, and go to many more activities, but when we do itís a good term!  Anyway, Iím happy to be where I am, and those of you planning to get in my position better be happy to when you get there, because I know how fun it can be at the same time while Iím learning.


In the meantime, lets keep in mind that we are having our first Degrees on the May 4th meeting.  So lets get ready and practice for a good attendance and good degree.  Our next prospect party will be on June 2nd.  So go out and start telling your friends that we are going to play some pool, eat pizza, and they are invited, and if interested, they can join our Fraternity and have even more fun than just playing pool.


So have a good term, and lets get some prospects/candidates!



-Parker ďThe BlizzardĒ Downey-








Well I havenít been too active in my bethel lately but I do know a few things on the upcoming calendar.  On May 6th we are doing a Garage Sale at Fremont Christian.  It starts at 7:00am and ends around 3:00pm.  Then on the 7th we are going to the Masonic Home and having an Official Workshop (church service to you guys), which starts at 9:00am.  Bethel No. 129 of San Jose will also be there.  Donít forget this month is Rainbow month so do something nice for them.



Stacy Affleck

Campbell Chapter Sweetheart

PHQ Bethel No. 253, Fremont





Campbell Chapter Goes Camping



On March 9th, 2000 Campbell Chapter went camping.  Those in attendance were Nick Schilling, Matt Milde, Joe Pangrac, Chris Rogers, Arthur Cardoza, and myself, Eric Turnage.  We went to the Mildesí cabin in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and when we arrived we relaxed by playing a little 007 on the Nintendo 64, followed by some Smash Brothers on the N64.  After all of the video games we watched some movies. 


The next day (Arthur and Nick went home and) we went to the Boardwalk where I rode the roller coasters, Joe combed the beach for hidden treasures, while Matt & Chris played some miniature golf followed by a game of pool.  After we met up with each other, we paid a visit to the mystery spot, and that just so happen to be the camping trip.


I hope to see all of you at the next camping trip.



-Stomach Turnage-

AKA Eric





Devotional Day



On 3-19-00, Jason, Justin, Chris Rogers, Parker Downey, Stacy Affleck, Dad Downey, Mr. and Ms. Kot, my younger brother and myself went to St. Timothyís church in Mountain View for our Devotional Day.  The service started at 5:00p.m. and ended at 6:15p.m.  It was very interesting and it was different from anything else I have ever been to.  I enjoyed it and it seemed as if everything said was put into a song.  The songs were played by a live band standing next to the pews with guitars and drums.  Everybody was very pleased to see us there.  It was a very nice service and it was to bad that the other members of the Chapter missed it.  If we ever go to another service like that one I would be going.



Kyle Kot





Japan & DeMolay!



On March 23, 2000 I along with my father and older brother Christian left for a trip to Japan.  We left on Thursday at 11:15am, and arrived into Japan almost TWO DAYS later.  After going through customs we got onto a bus and rode for three hours to get into Tokyo; taking a train would have been about two hours but cost much more.


We got to our hotel feeling, well, pretty much dead.  It was now late in the evening of Friday, about 24 hours ahead of what we were used to.  To be more accurate, Tokyo is really 17 hours ahead of our time in California, but that first night felt much different since we were flying for 12 hours, went though customs for an hour, then on a bus for another 3 hours, and finally a cab ride to the hotel.  We went to sleep early Saturday morning, missing the entire day of Friday, except for those few hours on the bus.


Saturday we did some site seeing.  We walked around the town we stayed in, called Yokohama; the city that the Playstation Corporation has itís huge conventions at.  We rode the train system around the area, called the JR Train, short for Japan Rail.  We went to places to eat, walk around, such as the mall, and to find our bank, Citibank.  One thing that was really nice about Japan was its forms of transportation.  Every 30 seconds a train would go by.  There were buses, taxicabs, trains, subways, bullet trains, and boats in the city.  Everywhere we went there were traffic jams.  You were squeezed onto the trains, freeways were always backed up, and yet, with all of those ways of traveling, it was always crowded.  We also found out that the population of Tokyo was in the ballpark of 12 million people, and that was not including the suburbs, of which we were in, adding on another couple million.  All of this did not matter to us though; we were just happy to see the Tokyo area and site see Japan.


Sunday the three of us went to the Masonic building of where Tokyo Chapter met.  The time of the meeting started at 3:00pm.  This was done on purpose, so that the boys would not have an excuse why they could not meet.  It might be a little different in America, but that is how they operate in Japan.  Well, the only two active members did not show up for the stated meeting, so I opened for them in English.  Since there was no business to discuss, I gave the Magnificent 7 for them, and naturally they were impressed, even though I knew I was rusty at the time.  I closed for them and we cleaned the Chapter Room up.  After the meeting the Chapter Dad asked us if we like to go to Tokyo Disneyland, since it was on their calendar as the next DeMolay event, and they had well over enough money budgeted to pay for the three of us.  We were delighted, since we did have the day free.  Also after the meeting, I gave the Chapter Dad and the Executive Officer of Japan a copy of almost everything our Chapter does to have a successful Chapter.  They were so happy to have gotten such information.  The next day we went to Tokyo Disneyland.


Tokyo Disneyland was very similar to that of our Disneyland however; everything is spoken in Japanese.  That made it a little different for us.  I also met the Master Councilor of their Chapter and we discussed to each other on what we did.


The next few days after that, my brother and myself went to go see the New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs play some real accounted for baseball games at the Tokyo Dome.  It was really fun and the Cubs won one of their games.  We also went to some museums, into a Japanese Temple, and a fancy Chinese restaurant in the city.


We left on Friday the 31, and headed straight for New Orleans to meet up with the rest of Campbell Chapter.  My father got off in San Francisco after the 11-hour plane ride, but my brother and myself got the next plane to New Orleans, which was in an hour and a half.  We left Tokyo at 5:00pm and did not arrive into the hotel in New Orleans until 6:00pm, FRIDAY, one hour later!


It was in all a very successful trip and before we left, the Chapter Dad and the Executive Officer asked us that if they get enough members to join, that they would want our Chapter to come and give the degrees, since we are the closest Chapter to them.  I do not know who would be paying for that type of trip, but thatís just food for thought.  They also informed us that the reason why they had so few members was because of the fact that most members were from Military or Navy families and would move after a few years, but that they were trying to start a real Japanese Chapter with boys from Tokyo, and it was just a matter of time until one would be formed.  They also gave me some very nice gifts of Japanese DeMolay items.  Some conclave patches!  DeMolay Ritual in Japanese!  AND a copy of their charter in color on fine paper!


So, are there any of you who might want to visit another Chapter in the near future?  Maybe not so far away as Tokyo, but meeting other Chapters and doing one of their events is really a lot of fun.  You should try it sometime.


So, I hope to hear how your visit goes when you visit another Chapter.



Jason Martin,

Master Councilor

Campbell Chapter


AKA Ė The Traveling Ritual God





Frank Marshall Championship Tournament



On 4-14-00 I went to Arlington, Texas for the Frank Marshall Ritual Tournament.  Everyone treated me as if I have lived there my entire life.  I got to the motel at 7:30pm on Friday.  I registered, took a shower, and then started competition in the hotelís conference rooms at 10:20pm.  I finished the evening at 1:00am and went straight to bed.  I woke up at 8:30am, had a competitors briefing and resumed the competition.  The tournament ended at 2:00pm, and we headed to Six Flags Over Texas across the street for a $20 rate.  Thatís about $20 off the regular ticket price.


The next day was usual to us in ritual competitions.  It started out with getting breakfast, but by yourself and somewhere else.  I got mine at the hotel since it was free.  The awards ceremony began at 9:30am.  Now the awards were much different from what we are used to.  There are Jr. and Sr. divisions, as well as a Championship level.  So there are three levels of competition.  Plus there are runner-up medals that are given out to the big ceremonies or the team competitions, all of which are color coordinated.  I ended up walking away with the best parts of MC Initiatory, best Orator, and best 6th Preceptor.  The best parts are a little more difficult to win there because you are going up against the people also in the team competitions and the people who are doing what I did, just the one part as a single.


After a stressful but very exciting and fun weekend, I got on the train in Dallas and went home.  It took about 60 hours to get home but I did it.  It really made me wish I had bought a plane ticket much earlier so that I could have gotten a cheap ticket.  However, through all of that, if I were eligible to go next year I would be going. 


Do any of you want to go?

Jason Martin AKA Ritual God





Campbell Chapter Has Its First Model Seder Serving!



On Monday April 17th Los Altos Lodge held its first Model Seder, hosted by Irwin Fershleiser, P.M., Roseann and Ed Greenberg, P.M. all from Charity Jarman Lodge No. 362.  The members who attended were Chris Rogers, Parker Downey, Stacy Affleck our Sweetheart, and Dad Downey.


A Seder is a meal held during Passover by Jewish families, and involves a lot of tradition, ritual, and symbolism and is believed to be what Christ was celebrating with his Disciples at the Last Supper.  It involves a lot of special foods, songs, prayers, and tradition, and is filled with deep spiritual meaning as well as fun.


To be a real Seder, it must be held during Passover, which had not yet begun.  Hence the term ďModel SederĒ is used.  The meal was prepared by Miramonte Chapter No. 141 OES under the direction of Harriet Gluck, Past Matron.  We did the clean up.  Dad Downey as the advisor was also noted as being a member of Charity Jarman Lodge No. 362.  Los Altos Lodge was especially fortunate to have Harriet prepare that meal, attended by over 50 people, because she is of the Jewish faith and has had lots of experience in preparing Seders, including the preparation of the cake, which has no leavening init, and is prepared with finely ground matzoh, beaten egg whites, and a prayer.


In addition to members of Los Altos Lodge No. 712, Charity Jarman Lodge No. 362, Miramonte Chapter OES, Valley Star OES, and us, there were also several members from Daylight Lodge, and a Lodge in England!  A wonderful time and a great meal was had by all, and we hope that we can get Brothers Ed and Irwin to come back and present another Model Seder for us next year!


Robert Martin





San Francisco Trip



On April 22, 2000, Jason Martin, Nick Schilling, Dad Taylor and myself Steve Cline, went to San Francisco for a fun day.  We got there at about 10:30.  When we found a place to park we went into the Sony Metreon.  There were many places to go inside there, and we went to the place called the ďairtight garageĒ where we played ďHyper BowlĒ, an actual game of virtual bowling.  This may sound kind of strange, but it was really fun and hard at the same time.  After that, we took the historic trolley to pier 39 where we went to Alcatraz Cafť and Grill to eat lunch.  Afterward, we went to a huge ship called the S.S. Jeremiah Oí Brian, an actual operating cargo ship from the 1940ís.  Afterward, we went back to our car riding on the historical cable cars of San Francisco.  After getting back to our car we took a scenic view of the famous Lombard St. going the maximum speed of   five m.p.h.  The 4 of us all had a lot of fun and the only thing we could have wanted more was to see more member of the Chapter come along with us.  Maybe next time youíll come along.



Your brother,

Steve Cline


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