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Campbell Chapter, Order of DeMolay                                                                               February, 2000                                                                               Issue 118

This publication acknowledges allegiance and yields authority to DeMolay International of the Order of DeMolay, of which Frank S. Land was founder.


Table of Contents


From The East1

From The West1

From The North. 2


Bowling Tournament3


Super Bowl Party. 3

Patriot’s Day - “Care” Package for Members in the Military. 3

Chevalier. 4

Visitation to Castro Valley. 4

Chapter Dad. 4





From The East





Well let’s see...........  Events lately have been doing really well.  I am proud that we had a great attendance at the Prospect Party.  We had three prospects and seven guys.  Arthur 1 down, 1 to go.  The Super Bowl Party was well attended and we all had fun.  Congratulations to Chris Rogers for a great Chevalier Degree.  Thanks for, at least, mentioning me for no reason at all.  Thanks to all of you who showed up at the Charity Jarman Breakfast serving.  I think that they were happy with all of the people who came and helped.  Thanks again.  Stacy, I hope that you liked your Sweetheart’s Ball.  Always remember that Campbell Chapter has always done things differently and always more fun.  I am glad that you are our Sweetheart and keep the Chapter alive............ by feeding them.  Let me say again that attendance at the meetings has been great and keep up the great work.


On the upcoming events, we have the Chapter Anniversary on the 19th.  We need all the people who are going to Pac-West and anyone else who can make it.  This will be a great chance for a practice.  Afterwards we will be going out to lunch so I would bring a little bit of money.  On the 20th, we have our Mystery Trip and it is going to be fun.  If you want to bring any brothers, sisters, or parents they will be welcome.  It’s going to be tons of fun.  Pac-West is also coming up so I hope that the Chapter does well.  Plus, we also have a Camping Trip in March.  As for the Installation, it will be moved to the 17th of March.  On our calendar, it says that we have a Movie Night that night.  This is what we are doing.  We are going to have the Installation and then we are going to my house for an all night movies.  Everyone and anyone will be invited.  It will be a party closing out my term and beginning the next Master Councilor’s term.  It will be a blast.  Thanks to the entire Chapter for keeping DeMolay strong.




Matt Milde





From The West



Well guys,


The candy I gave you should be sold by the time you are reading this.  I hope that it was not as terrible as you had perceived it.  Just to let you guys know, I personally took 4 (four) bags of candy in order to get rid of it.  However, my family more likely ate it rather than going out and selling it, but as long as the money is coming in, we’re fine.


Next, what I really want to express my thoughts on is that we are now selling pancake breakfast tickets for March 5th.  This breakfast will be a Cartoon Breakfast.  Everyone should take at least a few tickets.  Pre-sale is how we really make the money on these breakfasts.  If you need any tickets, come see Matt or myself for any.  I have plenty of them so take as many of them as you want, but remember to put your initials on the back of them to prove that they are the genuine tickets.


Other than selling those tickets for now, you guys are doing great and keep up the good fundraising.  For future reference, we will be selling cookies soon.  These are the big chewy good cookies that Chris Rogers sold previously.


Finally, before I let you guys read the next page, remember that we are the ritual season and Pac-West is only a few weeks away, so come to the practices we are having.  This is my last year on the teams, so lets make it an awesome ritual year.  I know you and definitely Dad Downey wouldn’t mind if we did as good as and maybe better than we did last year.


I will be in touch with you guys, and keep up the excellent fundraising.



Your Senior Councilor,

Jason Martin

(The Ritual God)





From The North



Welcome back,


                Well let’s see now I’ve had a little break recently and everything in the world seems to be changed.  I mean come on lets start with Matt.  They actually let this guy be Master Councilor.  What happened here?  Girls are actually chasing him around saying how cute he is and that he has a great body.  Are you kidding me, he’s one of the proud loud chubby boys of the chapter, and nothing will hang that, so keep eating those HoHos and Twinkies.  Now let’s see I’ve been hearing of a certain bet going around the chapter.  I have yet to find out exactly what it is.  I believe I have an idea from the scores, I guess that would be what they are called.  The scores are after January are Chris 46, Arthur 4, and Terrance 6.  My guess is how many girls each could have gotten if they had been single.  Nah numbers are too high for all three on that category.  If that were true, Matt would be leading with like 79.  My other guess seems more logical, which is how many days of debt each is in with Dad Downey.  Now this looks true because Chris’ numbers are rapidly going up.  Sucks to be you three, hahahaha.  What else, I hear there’s a new sweetheart in town.  She's from where...  NEWARK?  I guess the chapter has really gone downhill if they can’t find a sweetheart in the area of 3 Bethels and 4 Assemblies, come on you guys.  Well at least she’s stayed this long, which is surprising you haven’t scared her away.  She must have a strong stomach; I might have to meet her sometime.  I hear Justin’s still married and broke which, as most of the married advisors know work hand in hand.  There looks to be another Martin in the East soon.  Oh, no there goes the chapter.  Lots of laughs and no hard feelings.  Terrance is out of work, on the porch still single.  It’s amazing how some things never change.  I guess I haven’t really met some of the new guys, but I heard a few things.  Keenan and Steve are the new energy for the chapter.  I’d like to see some of the older guys try to run with the same energy and intensity.  I’d give any of the older ones maybe twenty minutes, if that, before they would be lifeless.  At 12, they still out last all the older members put together.  He he he!  And Parker, you’re right up there with them so keep pumping the steam to those engines.  Oh, I almost forgot, good old goodie-two-shoes, Nick.  He has a girlfriend and a good relationship.  This is good news because I’m tired of hearing how he only seems to be able to talk with animals.  For a moment, I thought we might have to call him Dr. Doolittle.  Well my time is up, because I have better things to do, but I’ll see you around, maybe here, maybe there, who knows.



Ghost Writer








Hey guys,


How are all of you tonight?  Hopefully, well.  I wanted to wish you all good luck in Reno, I’m still not sure if I can go.  Hopefully, I can.


I wanted to thank everyone last night for the dance; even though there were some things that went wrong and I wasn't feeling good, I still had fun.


I look forward to being Sweetheart as long as I can and I will do anything for you guys that I can, so if you need anything just call.


I have an idea if you can get every one to the meeting on time, including all council members, all dressed correctly not one thing wrong, that means shirts tucked in black sox and Nick no tennis shoes Matt no steel toe boots Chris you have to wear shinies, etc.  Know one can leave in the middle of the meeting for any reason, have the meeting start on time, if you guys can do that I will have make all of you dinner sometime.  If you all agree I need input on what you want for dinner and when and where you want it, however I will have the final say so.  I will have forms at the net few meetings for you to fill out if you agree.


Well I hope to see you all around and remember food is good.



Sweetheart love,

Stacy Affleck

Sweetheart, Campbell Chapter

PHQ Bethel 253 Fremont





Bowling Tournament



Well, on Sunday, January 16, 2000 at about 10:00 AM the members were supposed to meet at Cambrian Bowl.  Due to some miscommunication between the M.C. and his Dad, “Dad” Lee Milde was there at 9:00 AM.  My sister, Kristie Schilling, and I arrived on time.  Everyone else, including Parker Downey, Chris Rogers, Eric Turnage, Matt Milde, Jason Martin, Justin Martin, Arthur Cardoza, Chris Avila, “Dad” Taylor and Stacy Affleck, our Sweetheart, arrived sometime later.  The scores follow: (Does anyone know what my score was?)



Game 1

Game 2

Game 3


Chris Rogers





Matt Milde





Nick Schilling





Justin Martin





Arthur Cardoza












On January 21-23 2000, Campbell Chapter went on their annual ski trip to Heavenly, Nevada side.  Those in attendance were “Dad” Taylor Chapter Dad, “Dad” Milde Advisor, Matt Milde MC, Arthur Cardoza JC, Eric Turnage JD, Joe Pangrac JS, and last, but not least Brandon Trevino, a prospect and my cousin.  The trip was awesome aside from the hospital visit on behalf of my cousin and a snowboarding accident.  Aside from snowboarding, Joe Pangrac, my cousin Brandon Trevino, and I were learning to play a wonderful game called craps, courtesy of Dad Taylor.


After all of that, we went to Harrah’s casino in Nevada for an all you can eat buffet.  With food from six different cultures, MC Matt Milde, and myself had a little competition on who could eat more, which he won by a plate or two of "food".  Over all I believe that this was the best thing DeMolay has thrown my way so far, but I’m sure that New Orleans will blow Nevada out of the water.





Super Bowl Party



On Sunday, January 30, Campbell Chapter enjoyed the annual Super Bowl Party.  Before kick-off, we played the pre-game game, despite the rain.  This, however, did not seem to be the favorite part, as was not the actual game.  The commercials highly surpassed the level of excitement between the Titans and Rams.  The top-rated (in order of most highly laughed at), were the one with the monkey that took up a “million dollar spot,” followed by the Budweiser commercial, which to our shock, did not include the frogs and their sounding out the famous syllables, but a dog running into a truck.  Various other .com commercials were humorous, but I don’t think anyone remembers what sites they were advertising.  The commercial with the cats being herded seemed to take a close fourth place.  With a large comeback, the Tennessee Titans almost tied the game up at the end, but were stopped by the St. Louis Rams.  There was lots of food for all, including Togo’s sandwiches, sodas, and other snack foods.  Next season we’ll have to see about the 49ers.



-Michael Taylor





Patriot’s Day - “Care” Package for Members in the Military



On Thursday February 3 after our stated meeting, we all went into the dinning room and wrote letters to Mike Clyborne who is a member of the U.S. Navy.  Most of the DeMolays wrote about what positions they have held, what they like about DeMolay, and how things are going in the chapter.  Everyone who came wrote a letter, even Allen Lee, Wade Polk and Wayne Hall.  Everyone enjoyed writing letters and drawing pictures to Mike, we hope that he enjoys his package.  Among the package was tons of food.  What can I say?  We had fun and it was better than watching a video on the flag.











On February 5, 2000, where were you?  I know where I was.  Scene: Los Gatos.  Time: 7:30 PM.  Why, you ask?  For all of those who don’t remember it was my Chevalier and party night.  Anybody who didn’t go missed a hell of a party.  There was dancing, singing (not that I’m to impressed with that one), girls (lots of those), and tons and tons of food.  Not to mention if you ever wanted to see me inhale cake, that happened too.  The night was filled with tons of fun, lots of action, and even better than women, TONS OF FOOD.  Well the last one can be disputed.  I thank everyone who attended and partied the night away, because it is worth it.  Now again, I get another title to add on to my long list, and what sucks even more Dad Downey’s is going to start collecting on debts owed to him.  This could be a long year.



Christopher E. Rogers

Senior Councilor PEB Division

PMC PEB Division

PMC & Chevalier Campbell Chapter

2x Past Rainbow Beau of Blossom Valley Assembly #147 IORG

Past Rainbow Beau San Jose Assembly # 5 IORG


P.S. Still the Sweetheart's favorite and Best M.I.

(Now you know why I have them, to take up space when I have nothing else to say, lol.)





Visitation to Castro Valley



On Monday Matt, Eric, Chris R., Arthur, and myself Jason, went up to Castro Valley’s stated meeting.  However, Arthur was a little late arriving at the Hill, but at least he made it.  Dad Downey and Dad Taylor went with us as the Dad Advisors.  Unfortunately, for Eric, all six of us went up in Dad Taylor’s car and Eric had to sit in the front middle seat.  Lucky for Eric huh?


We arrived with plenty of time to spare and got to meet everyone else who came to the meeting.  It just so happens, that Casto Valley's meeting was one of the Official Visits from Nor-Cal also.  So, there were Nor-Cal officers there, divisional officers there, and four guys from Campbell Chapter in the back corner, (Campbell Tradition) excluding Chris Rogers.


The meeting ran fairly fast and was closed faster than it would take for our committees to report for our meetings.  However, C.V. allows their Sweethearts and others to come into the Chapter after they are closed, and then they do the 9 o’clock prayer.  After giving the prayer, practically everyone from Nor-Cal had something to say.  I mean the meeting ran an hour, while everyone else who talked after the meeting took an hour and a half.  However, we didn’t mind we were enjoying ourselves, plus we got a visitation for going up there.


After everyone finished talking, we went into the dining room to have cake and ice cream.  Why cake one would ask?  Well, it was Mrs. Salazar’s birthday.  Everyone was having a good time, until it was time to go.  We somehow all managed to get together to get ready to go, which took about 20 minutes.  We just wanted to stay and keep talking to our fellow brethren, because we were having such a good time.  As soon as the train was leaving, was when everyone knew Dad Taylor was saying it’s time to go, or otherwise said as “All Aboard”, so we finally left.


It was an extremely fun event and everyone who went would probably agree with me.  So, the next time we have a visitation come along, I bet you’ll have fun too.



Until Next Time,

Jason Martin





Chapter Dad



I believe that every Master Councilor of Campbell Chapter, for the Past 21 years, has received a “Super Chicken” T-shirt.


The meaning is always explained to the recipient.  The meaning is in the “motto” of Super Chicken, “You knew the job was dangerous when you took it!”


When a DeMolay endeavors to become a Councilor and then succeeds, it is important that he make a commitment to put his duties as an officer high on his priority list.  He should be committed to try to attend all functions.  He should be committed to hard work to make the chapter succeed.  He should be committed to working with the other officers, even those he may have disagreements with, to advance the interests of The Order.


Only if we have officers who will make the commitment to put “business before pleasure” will the chapter prosper.



“Dad” Taylor








"People who think they know everything are very annoying to those of us who do."

-Nick & Matt


Let us explain the Toilet Bowl.  The Rams vs. the Titans, need I say more? The only thing good about the game itself was the commercials.  The E-trade commercial with the monkey was the best.  The other reason for us putting the toilet bowl on the cover was that we both thought it was funny.


Remember that the next Champ will be the Super Champ.  It will be a bunch of pictures and writings past and present.  So, if you have any photos that you would like to submit go ahead and give it to Matt or myself.  They are due by the Campout.



Where's the food?

Nick Schilling


What Me Worry?

Matt Milde



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