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Campbell Chapter, Order of DeMolay                                                                               January 2000                                                                                Issue 117

This publication acknowledges allegiance and yields authority to DeMolay International of the Order of DeMolay, of which Frank S. Land was founder.


Table of Contents


From The West1

From The South. 2

Misplaced Article: Macy's Day Sale @ Valley Fair 2

East-West Shrine Bowl2

Masonic Family Night3

Obligatory Day: - Work at Food Bank.. 3

Shriners' Christmas Party. 3

Los Altos Lodge Installation. 4





From The West



Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising. That's what is going on with the Chapter right now, and I'd have to say that Arthur, Matt, and I would especially like to thank each of you for helping me out so far. All of you have done a great job in your contributions. However, as nice as this sounds time is becoming more valuable to me, and with no one to help me, I'm getting burned out. In short, I will be asking you as the Chapter to help me out. In other words, I'm going to start up my fundraising committee. This will take some commitments from the members of the chapter. Now this doesn't mean I will be forcing you to assist me on the committee, but as every one knows, it will certainly help. This will be very important to the Chapter, you, and me. Having a couple of guys help me out, can make a huge difference in our planned events.


Now that I got you feeling a little awkward about helping me out, I'll let you think for a second. Suppose you are not only on my Fundraising committee, but are also on Chris Roger's Fun Events committee. You get to learn how to set up fun events and how to make the money required to do them, plus you get credit for it. You can also become more active in the Chapter, other than just being a member and going with the flow. If you want to be on a committee, just ask Matt or myself. I'm sure one of us can get you to do something; and the best thing is that it doesn't even have to be a very big or difficult thing at all. What we are trying to do is get you, the members of Campbell Chapter more active. We are the leaders of this organization, the Chapter as a whole, not just a few key people. We do like to hear from the Chapter, see what you want to do, or if you want to help out on a committee to make us run more efficiently. It makes things run so much better. One of my jobs is definitely to do fundraising, but to also do it correctly, and not all by myself.


Furthermore, if you're not interested in helping out on the fun events committee, there are many more committees in the Chapter. If you want to do something other than sitting at the meetings and waiting for someone to speak to you, talk to Matt or myself, we can almost certainly work something out.


However, what I really want to make you understand is that fundraising is one of the key committees to this Chapter, and we're always going to need money in order to run it. Helping me not only helps me, but also will help the Chapter, yourselves, and will give you the chance to get involved with the Chapter.


Ok, ok. Back to what we are going to do, right now. At the East/West game I was extremely pleased to see so many of you show up and help out, but as for you who know already, the weather was not the greatest for us, and we lost a fair amount of money. We have a lot of candy left over, and what I need you guys to do is take a box and do whatever you want with it, just as long as you bring me the box's worth of candy back to me in 6 weeks. If a box has $26 worth of candy still left in it, and you sign it out, you owe the Chapter $26 in 6 weeks.


***And there will not be any returns of candy. What I expect is for money to be returned and not candy. I will not accept candy back once it has been signed out. For those of you who do not know, the price of the candy is $.75***. Now for those of you who have read this far, I'm going to give a prize to the one who sells the most of the remaining candy. I also want to make this clear, that I will not be forcing you to take a box at first, but if you decide to not take even $5 worth of candy; what do you think you are saying to the Chapter?


I hope this will not be as mind-blowing as you think it is. All it's going to take is a little effort, and we will be right back over our planned budget for the East/West Game Fundraiser.


Now, for the month of February, we will be having a serving for our sponsoring body, on the sixth, and a Comic Themed Breakfast in the near future. I will be calling each of you to see if you are coming, and possibly help out on either of those two events.


Finally, the Gift Check Sales are now over, and I would like to thank each and ever one of you who helped sell them. I really appreciate the work you put into them. I don't know how much we made off them yet, but I do know that we made well over our budgeted amount.


I hope you guys decide to do something for the Chapter and yourselves, because if you want to move up in the line, this type of action can only help you. I know that I will only be able to be an active member in the Chapter for another 9 months. So, let's make them the best 9 months I'll ever remember in the Chapter.


I will keep you informed on what is coming up, and I hope to see all of you at the next scheduled event.



In Deep Thought,
Jason Martin
Senior Councilor





From The South



That's right it's me. And you thought you got rid of me. You're not that lucky. Well, I need you, just not for anything that you did at band camp. No, I need you to talk to your friends, your cousins, your neighbors, and even that guy you tried the dress on in front of. You didn't think I knew did you. Well that's right, and I have pictures. So, bring all them people in. On January 29 we are having a prospect party. So ask your friends if they like free pool and pizza, which, unless there dead or don't speak English, they'll want to go. Give me a call by January 26 and I'll put you on the list. See you on the flipside.



Arthur Cardoza
Junior Councilor





Misplaced Article: Macy's Day Sale @ Valley Fair



Hello. I'm going to let you know how we did with the Macy's Day Sale at the Valley Fair event on October 27. Well, we did a good job. We had three members and three family members there. There were Brother Matt Milde, Brother Eric Turnage and I. There were Mom Milde, Dad Jeff Milde and his sister Heather from the family members there. We all stayed there for two hours being of aid to each customer that walked in or out of the doors. We handed out little adds/brochures about Macy's Day and the events that were going on during the day. We helped people outside the doors, and answered questions with what little we knew. A few of us took a break to go get some food since there were plenty of us at the doors to help customers. Then Matt and I went to go look around the store. We found a bread dipping spot and decided to take a few tries at the different jams and dips they had. Then we went back to finish our shift. Afterwards, Matt and I went to go see brother Eric Turnage and his cousin, who were on the women's side of Macy's. Everyone else was on the Men's side of Macy's. Eric stayed there from 6-8pm instead of staying 4-6pm with us. We needed five people to get our share of the pot of money. They gave us all free T-shirts when we signed in.


we all had a fun time, made some easy money for the chapter, and got some discounted items from the sale. It doesn't take that much work to make money. Next year lets try to bring in more money than we did this year.




Justin A. Martin, PMC





East-West Shrine Bowl



On January 15, Campbell Chapter went to the East West Shrine Bowl to sell candy and soda as a fundraiser. However, the weather had other plans. The people who went got up early in the morning to meet up at the Masonic Temple at 7:00. The people who went were: Matt Milde MC, Jason Martin SC, Parker Downey, Chris Serrano, Nick Schilling, Joe Pangrac, Senior DeMolay Christian Martin, Dad Taylor, Dad Downey, and Ms. Jeanne S.


It started raining in the early morning and then died down towards the afternoon. We had three tables, a canopy, gift-check books, candy, and an abundance of soda. It was one of the best booths our Chapter has ever put together for selling soda and candy. People trickled in over time and it would get a little busy at times, but nothing horrible.


Unfortunately, the sales were down due to the bad weather and we did not make as much as planned. However, the Chapter can still make a profit out of this if we can sell the remaining boxes of candy within the next two months.


The day went by fast. At times, the sun would peek out, while at others the wind blew hard, but it wasn't as bad as we thought it could have been. Thought, it did prevent many people from coming to the game, which in short cut into our sales.


We were luckily able to sell the East/West pins again this year, which gave us an extra $58 in cash. We thank the San Jose Shriners for helping us out. They even provided us with free hotdogs and chips for lunch.


Many thanks would like to go out to Mr. Robert Martin for providing us with all of the Soda to sell, Ms. Jeanne Stenit for allowing us to use her mini-van to carry all of the soda and candy, Dad Downey for helping us get the ice, allowing us to use his canopy, and giving us transportation up to the stadium, Dad Taylor for giving us transportation up to the stadium, Matt Milde for allowing us to use his car to get breakfast for everyone and thanks to Mr. Christian Martin for bringing plastic bags and ice for us to use. The game was close, but most of the guys were either selling outside or were going up and down the stairs selling the pins. In the end, the East team won the game.


Clean up was fast, everyone loaded up his or her cars, and we were gone by 5:00 pm. Everyone who went had a good time and maybe next year it will be a little better weather.



Until Then,

Jason Martin

(Your Ritual God)





Masonic Family Night



On December 17, 1999 Nick S., Chris R., Dad Lee Milde, Stacy A., and I came up to the temple for the Masonic Family Night. We all had a fun time. We sat on Santa's lap, danced, and ate food. What can be better than that? There was a large amount of young kids there. The best part of the night was when we were chasing the dots on the dance floor. All and all we had a good time and hope that they will do it again next year.



Matt Milde





Obligatory Day: - Work at Food Bank



On December 18, 1999, Campbell Chapter went to the second Harvest Food Bank for our Obligatory Day: Day of Comfort. Unfortunately, we only had three members and one advisor consisting of Matt Milde, Nick Schilling, and myself. As far as advisors, Dad Lee Milde was the only one. There were some interesting foods, to say the least. There was even a can of soup dating back to the early 70's!!!



Eric Turnage





Shriners' Christmas Party



Hello Everyone,


Well I am trying to be active as much as I can be. Being married gives one a completely new set of priorities. Therefore, you'll see me when you see me. But anyways I am going to let everyone know about the Shriners Christmas Party that we went to in December. I was a little disappointed with the attendance we had there. Only Matt and I showed up to help. At first, we thought there was going to be nothing to do. There truck with all the decorations in it never came but, they did have a Christmas tree there and Matt and I decorated it with lights and put the extra lights around the stage. We also helped with the stockings. Basically, we hung them up on the hooks for where the chairs go. The girls stuffed them and gave them to us. Other than that, we got free food and entertainment for the morning.


Matt and I stayed there until 1:00 pm and then Dad Marty Martinsen said for us to go if we wanted to, since there was nothing else to do.


That's it for this event. Maybe next year we can have more DeMolays come out and participate.



Fraternally Yours,

Justin Adam Martin, PMC





Los Altos Lodge Installation



On December 29, around 7:30 pm, the installation of Officers for Los Altos Lodge #712 began. The turnout of people was quite respectable. Many special visitors, including my family, and myself attended. All went well, although it took quite awhile longer than what was expected by most. I was honored to be the flag bearer, but it was still quite disappointing being the only DeMolay representative there. As with most installations, nearly everyone in the room was introduced by the end (except Jason, the incoming Junior Deacon). Robert Martin, the incoming Worshipful Master, received a very special gift. It was a gavel that had been dedicated to him from a very dear friend. Other nice gifts were given, but none that stood out as much. The ceremony soon ended (if you call 2 hours soon) and all headed off to the reception at the Mountain View Masonic Temple.


The Reception offered nice appetizers, a dance floor (which some did use), and live music. The kids, the select few that actually came, have to order pizzas, which disappeared quickly after arriving. Soon, we were all stuffed full of pizza, cake, and Masonic square and compass shaped chocolates. After that, the kids and a few adults began the grueling task of clean up. The clean-up crew and family were about the only remaining people by 11-11:30. We finally left, after stacking all the chairs and cleaning everything, with a few extra goodies packed in our arms. I believe its fair to say a good time was had by all. Too bad, you weren't there to see it. Hope you all had a blast in LA!



Fraternally Yours,

Justin Adam Martin, PMC








"People who think they know everything are very annoying to those of us who do."

-Nick & Matt


We have many good ideas for the next few upcoming Champs, but it is really hard to use them when we don't get to much support from the members. We are getting all the articles, for the most part, from the members. It is really hard to do the Champ when we get all of are articles in late. That reminds me "Matt when are you going to turn in your articles? Therefore, it is very important that we get the support we need from you guys.


On the lighter note, we are very pleased with the quality of the articles that are being turned in, with the exception of Eric. Eric is a very bright person but he needs to learn to cross his T's and dot his j's. Remember that Matt and I are going to be doing something a little bit different for our last Champ. So remember to turn in whatever pictures you have from any event so we can put them in. All pictures will be returned. Also, remember that at any time we will take whatever articles that you might be interested in writing, such as Ghostwriter and Scribe's Corner.



Where's the food?

Nick Schilling


What Me Worry?

Matt Milde



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