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Campbell Chapter, Order of DeMolay                                                                                 March, 1999                                                                               Issue 114

This publication acknowledges allegiance and yields authority to DeMolay International of the Order of DeMolay, of which Frank S. Land was founder.


Table of Contents


From The East1

From The West1



Chapter Dad. 2





From The East



Here is my farewell article. There was a time when I thought I wasn't gonna make it. My term was supposed to be the fading away of Campbell Chapter, but we came back strong as every. We initiated four new members, three of which are very active. We had a strong showing in Pac-West. We took three team trophies home and seven best parts. I now hand over the gavel of authority to the very capable hands of Brother Eddie Maez. Oops. What have I done. Well goodbye.



Your M.C.,

Arthur Cardoza





From The West



All good things must come to and end and this term is no exception. I must admit that I am quite impressed with ourselves. We have learned a lot these past six months through each other, our mistakes and our achievements. I can sense that we have already begun to place the stones needed to keep growing. I am so proud of all of us and I have to give props to Arthur for his awesome job as Master Councilor. Our hard work is finally beginning to show guys, and I know that if we keep up our dedication and strive for success we will be rewarded by the benefits of our accomplishments!




Edward Maez Jr.








Hello everyone. Well as you can probably see on the calendar there is a lot of people who are going to be doing everything they can to get new members in. One of them is me. There is also Chris Rogers and the Membership Chairman Chris Avila. But what everyone should know is that not just Chris, me, and Chris are suppose to get members in, but everyone. We need everyone's help this term, and I mean everyone. Use all the advantages you get! We plan on discussing and visiting Middle Schools, High Schools, PTA's and possibly the P.E. Departments. It's a lot of work, but the benefits are tremendous. This is a way it works. We should try and get twenty new members and even more. If we all work together we can do it! I've already done the letters for the first prospect party. We send letters to eligible DeMolays and their parents. This is a great way to get new members in DeMolay. It is what Dad Land said to do. I will need your help, and I will be calling you. If you have questions call me at any time, and if I'm not home, please leave me a message. Let's go and be one of the biggest chapters again.

Thanks for the help from anyone.



Fraternally Yours,

Justin Martin, PMC

New Members Committee

(408) 973-8743








Oh, I'll be the first to admit that the "new millennium" is probably the most overrated phrase of the century. So, let me rephrase it to something that better suits our purposes! Welcome to the 1999 Summer term of Campbell chapter order of DeMolay! Gentlemen, be prepared because this is the beginning of a wild and exciting drive toward making Campbell chapter the best organization in California. Ok, maybe that's stretching it - the best in the United states - yeah!


Well, I'm pleased to say that this term will see new and innovative approaches towards fun, new members and fund-raising. Currently, we are going into this term with a vigorous mailing campaign for new prospects, starting a parent's club and welcoming back the art auction of last year. That's just the tip of the iceberg however - we still have a multitude of tournaments in sports (football, basketball, volleyball and softball) and ritual (pride, old south, and mid-Atlantic). Think of it: winning tons of trophies in new Orleans and new York - sound exciting! It had better be exciting!


I'm really excited for these up-coming and I'm proud to know I have the support of this chapter!


Gentlemen, it's time for a change and to go beyond the limits.



Welcome to a new era,

Edward Maez Jr.





Chapter Dad


Campbell's back!


That's what they're saying all over Nor-Cal. Is it for real? Only time will tell. I think it is.


What can be done to prove that it is real?


First we need to continue to get and retain new members. We're not "out of the woods" in this area yet. Many of our most active members are over 18. If we can initiate 6 more new members before summer and get them all to say their Obligations, then we will in good shape.


Next we must remember how we got in trouble. Everyone needs to work together. If we spend more time criticizing than helping each other, all the problems will return sooner than we can imagine.


Finally it takes work. Talk is cheap. It took work to do so well at Pac-West. We must put this kind of effort in everything we do.


Congratulations to the Pac-West winners including the Championship Initiatory Degree Team, the Championship DeMolay Degree Team, the Open Fourth Section Team, Jason (Flower Talk - Open, Individual Chaplain - Championship, Best M.C. - Fourth Section), Chris Rogers (Best S.D. - Initiatory), Joe (Best Jr. Inquisitor - DeMolay Degree), Eddie (Best Guy of Auvergne - DeMolay Degree), and Matt (best J.D. - Chapter Proficiency) and to Ritual Advisor "Dad" Downey.


Dad Taylor








"People who think they know everything are very annoying to those of us who do."

-Nick & Matt


Note that this Champ is very small because that way we could print out many copies to give out to all the guests at our glorious installation. "Thank you" to all of you that attend. The Champ Editors are very excited that Eddie Maez is going to be installed as Master Councilor. We wish him good luck with the upcoming term. Since this being the last Champ of the term we would like to give you our reflections on it. We are all going to miss Terrance never turning in an article during this term and us trying to find a picture or phrase to replace it. We are also going to miss trying to find some reason to correct Eddie's perfectly outlined articles, except for the one when he kept repeating "March 6" over and over again. Even though we wanted to correct that one we got the date stuck in our heads and thought it was a good way to promote Fund Raisers. Finally, last but certainly not least, ARTHUR'S ARTICLES. Without him, we the Champ Editors, would have a very boring time putting the Champ together and wouldn't be called Editors. We would be called typists. Never the less, Arthur still hasn't learned how to cross his t's, dot his lowercase j's and most of all how to complete a proper sentence. We thank him for all the work he put us through.


The Campbell Champ last term may not win any awards and may not be famous in any way, but to us "The Editors" and the "Chapter Members" this has been the best newsletter in the State of California. The members were all appalled when they found out we, the editors, released the first ever seven page Champ with our fantastic cover of our two young Campbell Chapter models and to remind you all "that's no woman, that's a man baby". "If that's a woman she's been beaten with the ugly stick. Just to let everyone know; #1 we still haven't received any of the Campbell Champs Reader Survey Forms; #2 if you were actually waiting for the Champ to come out to see the answers to the great Campbell Quiz you have got to understand by now that we would rather make you ponder this a little while longer. Note that we will have another Campbell Quiz in the next Champ.



Where's the food?

Nick Schilling


What Me Worry?

Matt Milde



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