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The Christmas Party


On Sunday, December 10th at 10:30 am, the DeMolays from Campbell and San Jose Chapters met at the San Jose Masonic Center to assist the masons on the Christmas Party for the children.  Members present were Nick, Arthur, Paulo, Chris, Parker and our delightful Sweetheart Debbie Adams.  When we got there, we began helping to set up the chairs, tables and Christmas tree in the dining room.  The party was delayed and until then we spend some hours playing cards, talking about chapter business, chattering and playing football in the parking lot.  After a while, the children showed up and the party started.  There was one guy dressed like Santa Claus, one like a clown and one guy who brought a domesticated dog to entertain the children.  Meanwhile, we were giving candies to them and filling a lot of balloons with gas.  It was a lot of fun because many balloons exploded before we give them to the children.  Afterwards, the kids were all gathered in the room to receive the Christmas gifts that we helped to deliver.  The Santa called one by one and gives them a hug and the very expected gift.  Everything was going perfectly well and at 3:45pm the party was over for the children.  Just for them because this is when our job started.  We had to move back all the materials (balloons, gas container, bags, etc.) to the cars, clean up the room and put the chairs and tables back.  The party was very successful and the children had a great time there.  For us, it was a day that we had fun and helped many children to have a happy 2000 Christmas.


Paulo Mathias