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††††††† The term draws swiftly to a close.It has been a good one indeed.We have had our ups and downs, and will have plenty more in the future.I have enjoyed my spot in the West.Iím sure Eric has enjoyed his spot in the South, and I know Arthur has enjoyed his spot in the East a second time.I hope that our future councilors will enjoy their stations too.


††††††††††† Our three Brazilian buddies have come far in such a short space of time (but all the rest of you guys try not to base your existence on the movie Dumb and Dumber).Especially Paulo, who has only been with this chapter a few months and is already scheduled to take the spot in the South next term.The other two are sure to follow closely behind.Good luck out there!


Hey, Daniel, I know youíre still relatively new to this chapter.I know these guys can be a bit difficult sometimes (I wonít mention any names, Keenan), but give it time.These guys arenít here to pick on you.And if they make fun of you, feel free to make fun of them back.Thatís what we do in this chapter.


And you, Eric, have had a good term as Junior Councilor.You are definitely more outgoing than I am, and more prepared to take control.When you take your place in the East, I foresee your term will be even better than mine will.


††††††††††† As a closing statement, Iíd like to say that Pleasanton had better watch their backs at Pac-West.They may have gotten the best of us at P.R.I.D.E., but we are gonna whip Ďem next time, right?Of course we are.So letís get it together and be the great chapter everyone knows us to be.



Parker Downey

Senior Councilor