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East -West Shrine Pin Mounting Party


On Friday, January 12, 2001 at 7:30 Eric and myself went to Dad Downey's house to pin up (no pun intended) the pins on boards to sell for the East-West Shrine Game.  When we got there Dad Downey was off getting food and drinks so we didn't mind the wait.  Once "DD" or as I like to say "OMD" got there we began to eat the pizza he got.  It put our mind off of the work we were about to do, which was really easy.  As I cut boards for the pins, Eric and Parker counted them.  We all had the chance to do at least one board of pins.  Arthur came late and started on his board.  Each board had about 45 pins on them.  Arthur's board had 100.  We told stories, some were good and some we jest didn't want to hear.  Eric told us how he was the biggest pimp, then Arthur told us how he was the biggest pimp, then I told them how I was the biggest pimp, and the winner was Parker.  It would have been "DD" but he was disqualified.  Long story don't ask.  After that Mrs. Downey left to take her daughter somewhere.  So we had a BIG PARTY.  We started to trash the place and must have broken about 5 lamps and 3 picture frames.  We then got the munchies and raided the refrigerator.  There was nothing left.  A little while later when we were done eating Arthur taught Parker to drive.  It was ok with "DD" because he was face down in the oatmeal (it didn't smell like oatmeal though) well the only words he could mumble was "yep", "yes", and "forget about it".  Once Parker and Arthur got back from there joy ride We started to clean up the place jest in time for Mrs. Downey to walk in the door.  We played it cool for a while and then we left.  All in all it was a great event and we followed our agenda perfectly.  I hope next time more people would come and help.


What, Me Worry?

Matt Milde