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East-West Shrine Game


Hello every body!


Iím writing about the pins of the East-West Game sale that happened in the 13, a Saturday.We left San Jose by train and move to San Francisco.Selling the pins were me, (us the Brazilians), Arthur, Nick, Parker, Eric, Dad Downey and Dad Taylor.When we get on the stadium, we start to sell the pins, that were about 443 pins and we sold about 22.Nick and me sold 3, but a cop stopped us and we had to stop sell the pins, but I think that a men from the FOX channel taped us talking with the cop.A cop stopped the others to, and Arthur tried to sell a pin to him.Well it was not our fault, after this we went to McDonalds and we bought tickets from a not authorized person, but they were much more cheaper.The game was good, and we tossed a lot of paper planes on each other.Who was not there lose a lot of fun.


Daniel Mathias