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Chapter Dad


We need more organization.  Most of our events have been planned at the last minute.  This leads to cancellations or less successful activities than would otherwise be possible.


The first step is to schedule events.  We do well at this, but it is the easiest step.


The next step is all the planning, arranging, budgeting, confirming, calling, etc.  This takes a lot of effort and is best done by a committee.  Our “committees” seem to consist of only one person - the chairman.  That is a problem.  Not only does this put too much work on one person, it does not give other members, especially the new members a chance to learn to lead.


The other step - actually holding the event - we do well, but our success is limited by our limited work at the previous step.


The more work, by more people, the better and more successful our events will be.



Dad Taylor